Wednesday, March 30, 2011


不知怎的, 這首歌就這樣一直在腦海盤旋,很溫暖,很倔強,很美好,很單純地去愛一個人. 很溫暖的一首歌.

如果你冷 詞曲:張雨生

如果你冷 我將你擁入懷中 如果你恨 我替你擦去淚痕

如果你愛我 我要向全世界廣播 如果你離開我 我會默默的承受

我的愛 為你開啟 像白色的閃電 劃破天際

我的愛 為你奔馳 像紅色的血液 充滿身體

我只是要你知道一件事 就是我愛你 就是我愛你 愛你

張懸在不同的場合,不同的情景,翻唱了這首歌, 而以上這個版本是我最喜歡的.

I don't know why, I kept looping this song for the past few days, from laboring the overdue essay to writing up for the Magazine column. maybe due to the feedback from Merlin, the German clown.

"Hi chau,
I finally have found the time to read your article. It was quite overwhelming to read about myself. I felt really touched by it and want to thank you for it. I could picture us two in the yard of the hostel doing this interview for real..
So once again thank you so much, it means a lot to me"

I guess it is not only he being overwhelming to read, as a listener, as a writer, I also felt touched by such forthcoming-ness, trust bestowed upon me.

Anyhow, a tiny part of me wants to love this troubled man, due to the maternity as a female animal? I don't know.

Usually, I barely pay attention to its lyrics when I listen to songs, the rhythms and rhymes are merely a way to make me feel that I am not alone and I am in my little world, fully there with my little bubbles....

Mysteriously, such lyrics echo with the heartfelt sentiment...

a friend has repeatedly said, men and women are meant to complete each other.
Men become men because of women, and women become women because of men.


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